Our Two Year Old Program

View the Two-Year-Old classroom in Wentzville

The two-year-old stage is an important milestone in the life of your child. They are developing new skills and it is an excellent time for them to expand on their communication. Our program at Lullaby Inn is highly effective in fostering this development through the use of diverse and stimulating activities.

The curriculum is created by child care professionals and delivered monthly to our center. Utilizing a variety of creative art and music projects, math games, and sensory play, we provide our two-year-olds with constantly updated activities from which to learn and to enjoy.

In addition to our monthly themed curriculum, we also provide:

  • An afternoon project that will engage your child during the entire course of the day
  • Morning circle time activities that give maturing two-year-olds a chance to learn in a new forum
  • Individually labeled cots for naps
  • Individual cubbies to store personal items

We Provide Potty Training Assistance

Another important skill that is necessary for the development of your child as they grow up is learning how to correctly use the bathroom. Our staff is well trained and experienced in teaching this skill. We have a qualified team of teachers that will constantly assist your two year old and help them reach this important achievement in their young life.

As with all of our child care programs, our teachers will keep you up-to-date on your child's eating and napping schedules, the activities that they participated in that day, and anything else you or we find of which is important to keep track. We promise that our learning environment, physical classroom, activities, and amenities will perfectly meet both of your needs.

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