Learning Center & Child Care for Toddlers (18-24 Months)

Teaching the Necessary Skills for Development

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Children in their toddler years are at a crucial stage of development. It is vital that you find an experienced, caring, and professional childcare service that can help teach them new skills and nurture their existing skills. At Lullaby Inn, our entire toddler program is developed by professionals and delivered to our center each month. It revolves around giving your child the opportunity to develop these skills while also fostering their sense of independence.

Our curriculum revolves around a new theme each month, and includes activities such as:

  • Art projects
  • Science experiments
  • Music
  • Math games
  • Sensory play

Along with our structured morning curriculum, Lullaby Inn also provides a project for your child each afternoon. This ensures that they are engaged throughout the course of the day. In our toddler classroom, your child will learn how to feed themselves, use sippy cups, sleep on toddler cots, and other important everyday tasks that are necessary as they get older. They will also be given small responsibilities, such as assisting our teachers with minor tasks. The toys and manipulatives that your toddler will interact with during their time here are centered on developing both large and small motor skills, and are very useful for increasing the development of a growing brain.

Serving Wentzville

Each toddler is given their own individually labeled cot to make sure that no one shares. They will also be provided with a cubby to store any personal items. As a parent, you will receive daily reports on when your child ate, napped, what activities they participated in, and any other necessary notes or reminders.

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