Care for Infants 0-18 Months

Creating a Warm & Secure Environment for Your Child

View the Infant Room in Wentzville

Every day is brand new, exciting adventure for your infant at Lullaby Inn. We have created a smaller, more personalized environment that provides each infant with the intellectual stimulation necessary for their development. Everything that we offer - from physical spaces to our curriculum - is designed with both your concerns and the needs of your infant in mind.

Some of the benefits that your infant will enjoy at our center include:

  • Separate eating, sleeping, and learning schedules, according to their needs
  • A classroom that is filled with toys and books geared towards helping them develop at their own pace
  • A separate, enclosed area of the classroom that ensures a safe environment for newborns
  • Daily art projects and activities that develop new and creative skills

From the moment you and your child set foot in the door, expect to be greeted immediately with the care and courtesy you deserve. One of our friendly teachers will welcome you to the classroom and help you get accustomed to the physical layout and routine of the day. Each infant enrolled in our program will be given their own individually labeled crib, and no two infants will ever share the same crib. Are you worried about cleanliness at our center? Worry no longer: All sheets and blankets are washed daily on site, creating the cleanest possible environment for your child.

When you put your trust in our learning center, you can rest assured that we will treat your infant as if he or she were our own. At the end of the day, every parent will receive a report that informs them of important information regarding their child, including feeding, diapering, and sleeping times. We will also keep you verbally informed on every aspect of your child's day, and are glad to answer any questions you may have.

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