Our Management Team

Brittany Wilson - Executive Director/Owner

Brittany Dow

Brittany Wilson is the Executive Director of the Lullaby Inn Learning Centers. Brittany has a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and a Master’s degree in professional counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Missouri and she has experience working with children that have high behavioral health needs and are challenged with mental illness. Brittany is trained as a registered play therapist with additional certification in Autplay therapy specializing in therapeutic interventions for children on the autism spectrum. She is director certified by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to manage a facility of 199+ children. Brittany has worked as a director at several preschool centers and has experience operating both small and large facilities. She believes in offering high quality childcare at an affordable rate to families that are looking for a developmentally appropriate program.

Brianna Adkins - Regional Manager

Brianna Adkins is the Regional Manager of the Lullaby Inn Learning Centers. She has been employed with the company since 2009 when the Lake Saint Louis location first opened. Brianna quickly moved up in management from Assistant Director to Center Director. She has worked at all three locations and is familiar with the day to day operations of each center. Brianna has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Early Childhood Education. She provides support to management and ensures that each center follows licensing, health, and fire regulations. Brianna oversees all accounts and manages the Procare system for tuition payments. With her knowledge and skills in marketing, sales, and social media she is responsible for the digital marketing initiatives for the company. Brianna also utilizes her marketing abilities to create, update, and design ads to promote events for Lullaby Inn. She is dedicated to her position and each locations success. Brianna is always available to staff, parents, and children and enjoys having relationships at each location.

Megan McAtee - Center Director (Lake Saint Louis)

Megan McAtee is the Center Director at Lullaby Inn located in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. Megan has extensive experience working with children and their families in a professional setting. She completed her BA in Early Childhood Education at the University of Missouri in 2012. Megan previously worked as a center coordinator for a head start program and has extensive experience managing small and large facilities. She taught children of all ages in a classroom setting and enjoyed the opportunity to be an instrumental part of their learning. Her experience both in the classroom and in management provides her with a firsthand understanding of children and their developmental needs. Megan was employed as a Center Director at Urban League/Early Head Start before joining the Lullaby Inn team. She was responsible for supervising children and education staff while managing the day to day operations.

Meghann Rocha - Center Director (Wentzville)

Meghann Rocha is the Center Director at Lullaby Inn Learning Center in Wentzville. Meghann received her Bachelor’s degree in social work from University Missouri Saint Louis (UMSL). She completed her Master’s degree in adult and higher education which she also received from UMSL. She has extensive experience working with children and spent several years in a licensed childcare center. Meghann is very familiar with licensing regulations and is dedicated to ensuring that your child is provided with a safe and nurturing learning environment. She previously worked as a foster care case manager for Youth in Need and specializes in working with children affected by trauma. Meghann’s extensive educational background and her hands-on experiences at prior places of employment make her the perfect fit for the position. She is excited about the opportunity to work with your family and is always available to answer any questions. Meghann loves working in Wentzville and is aimed at providing your child with the ultimate learning experience.

Gabby Adkins - Assistant Director (Wentzville)

Gabby Adkins is the Assistant Director at Lullaby Inn Learning Center in Wentzville. Gabby is currently working toward her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. She attends Missouri Baptist University where she is learning new approaches that can be utilized in the classroom. Gabby has been employed with Lullaby Inn since the Wentzville location opened in 2017. She has extensive experience working in childcare and is committed to the success of the child, no matter what it takes. She is knowledgeable of the current instructional methods and strategies that are effective with children. Gabby enjoys working with the staff to achieve optimum classroom management and student achievement. It is her goal to constantly learn new methods to help children achieve their maximum potential. She loves working in Wentzville and strives to have positive relationships with staff, children, and their families.

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