About Our Curriculum

Learning Center Serving Wentzville.

The curriculum that we provide for children at our St. Charles County locations are developed and implemented by professionals. With certifications from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, we have the knowledge and credentials to provide the best possible care and service.

The goals of our curriculum include:

  • Allow children to properly learn through hands-on experiences
  • Constantly provide children with the opportunity to develop social skills
  • Create a safe, warm, and nurturing environment that always promotes the highest possible level of learning
  • Offer activities that are focused on developing social, emotion, physical, and intellectual skills
  • Teach children about the learning process and how to think critically
  • Keep parents fully informed of our curriculum and their child's growth

Each month, our center receives a new, expertly crafted program that perfectly blends art, music, storytelling, math, science, and hands-on games. Before a new module is started, parents will receive a monthly letter that notifies them of what is being taught in the classroom.

Where Little Learners Grow

Think learning can't be fun? Think again! Our curriculum includes enrichment activities that are enjoyable and stimulate learning and development in children. Through our program, children are taught skills that will help them smoothly transition into well-rounded teenagers and adults as they grow up.

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