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Three Year Old Learning Center

Stimulating Atmosphere for Development in St. Louis County &

St. Charles County

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At the age of three, learning how to properly interact in a social environment is a critical skill for children to learn. Our teachers help ready your three year old for this extremely necessary interaction by providing a terrific balance of learning and play. Using a bright and colorful classroom, we offer a stimulating atmosphere where children have the ability to develop self-confidence and practice their decision making. Making sure that your child is fully enriched and learning in a lively environment is one of our top priorities. At our St. Louis County & St. Charles County learning center, our curriculum includes numerous activities that are targeted at achieving this goal.

Some of the enrichment activities that we offer for your child include:

  • Music programs
  • Yoga classes and exercise programs
  • Spanish classes
  • Sign language classes

From experience, you know that keeping your child both stimulated and engaged throughout the day can be a difficult task. We pride ourselves on offering activities that children can learn from and enjoy during both the morning and afternoon hours. After our morning curriculum, we provide three year olds with an interesting and educational afternoon project. Combining the experience of math, art, science, and sensory play, our entire curriculum is focused on developing your child into a well-rounded, intelligent person.

Our Child Care Experts Allow Each Child to Develop at their Own Pace

At Lullaby Inn, we understand that each child develops differently. This is why we have created an environment that encourages every child to progress not with the group as a whole, but rather according to his or her own pace. Whatever unique needs and abilities that your three year old possesses, expect our staff to work with them and provide detailed daily reports of their activities and growth.

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