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Four Year Old Learning Center

Making the Transition to Your Child’s Elementary Years

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As your child gets ready for their first year of Kindergarten, your child will need a specialized curriculum to prepare for elementary school. Our four year old learning center at Lullaby Inn is specifically created as a “transition room” from the three year old room to the pre-kindergarten learning facility. We understand that every child develops in their own unique and complex way, most times influenced by their surroundings, their environment, their experiences, and their genetics.

Striving to keep your child’s imagination active, creative, and curious, our St. Charles and St. Louis County learning center has developed a specific curriculum and enrichment program. From introducing the basics of language arts and mathematics to fostering healthy habits, we offer a perfect balance of educational and physical activities to ensure a stimulating learning environment for your child.

Taking a Multidisciplinary Approach to Learning

At four years of age, you may be expecting your child to begin to display more self-reliance, or your child may begin to communicate with better vocabulary and improved conversational behaviors. These are all natural developments for your child at the age of four.

In order to foster your child’s developmental landmarks, we integrate the following monthly curriculum:

  • Music programs
  • Exercise programs
  • Spanish classes
  • Sign language classes
  • Dramatic play
  • Other curriculum, including math, science, art, and cooking

From social and emotional growth to the gradual understanding of complex concepts, we implement comprehensive enrichment activities that take into account all learning styles. By combining all elements of the learning process, we believe we can begin implementing positive learning skills that can be maintained throughout your child’s elementary years and beyond.

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Your child and their future matters to us. They are deserving of the fullest and richest of educational experiences. That is why we apply some of the best practices when it comes to education, learning, and early childhood development.

We understand that the transition to Kindergarten can be an overwhelming or scary experience for every member of the family. We make it our ultimate goal to create a welcoming atmosphere that can be like your child’s home away from home. Our staff will even provide detailed reports on your child’s activities and landmark developments year-long.

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