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Frequently Asked Questions About Lullaby Inn

We at Lullaby Inn have been providing personalized child care services for families in North and Saint Charles Counties. Over the years, we have realized that many interested parents come to our center with similar questions. We have collected some of the most commonly asked questions and provided the answers below.

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What is your vacation policy?
The policy at Lullaby Inn is that if your child is absent for an entire week, you pay half of your weekly tuition to hold the spot for your child. If your child attends even one day during the week, then the parent is responsible for paying the full tuition rate for that week.

Do your teachers have degrees?
Yes. Most of our teachers have degrees. All of our teachers are state certified to work in early childhood education and take continual education classes throughout the year. They are also CPR and First Aid certified.

What is your discipline policy?
At Lullaby Inn, we promote learning in a positive environment that allows your child to build self-confidence. We utilize re-direction as our source of problem solving when children are having difficulties. For example, if two children are fighting over a toy, our teachers will remove the toy and redirect the children to a different activity. Corporal punishment is never used in the classrooms.

Is there a wait list for enrollment?
There may be a wait list for a new student to enroll. However, once your child is enrolled, we guarantee placement into the next classroom as soon as it is available.

Can anyone other than me pick up my child from the center?
At Lullaby Inn, safety is of the utmost concern to us. There is a section on the enrollment form that is available for you to list anyone other than yourself that may be picking up your child. We then ask that they bring their driver’s license or a photo ID and ring the doorbell for assistance. Our on-site director will verify that the person is authorized to pick up your child.

How will I know what is happening during my child’s day?
At Lullaby Inn, we understand the importance of parent / teacher communication. This is why we provide a daily report that will provide you with information regarding your child’s meals, nap times, diaper changing, daily activities, notes, and reminders. Your child’s teacher will also be available at any hour during the day to speak to you directly about his / her behavior and progress.

May I visit my child during the day?
Parents are always welcome to drop in and visit their child at any time. If they wish to remain unseen by your child, you can view the classroom on the camera monitor in the director’s office.

What kind of food do you serve at Lullaby Inn?

At Lullaby Inn we pride ourselves on offering made from scratch meals that your child will love to eat. By participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program Lullaby Inn adheres to stricter guidelines that require us to serve higher quality meats and larger portion sizes. We believe that nutrition is important and we pride ourselves on serving healthy meals and snacks. To view our menu click here.

Do you serve fresh fruit and vegetables with your meals?
At Lullaby Inn, we participate in a program that requires us to serve higher quality foods and larger portions. Therefore, our menu provides a well-balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as canned goods.

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