Our Management Team

Brittany Wilson - Executive Director (Owner)

Brittany Dow

Brittany Wilson is the Executive Director of the Lullaby Inn Learning Centers. Brittany has a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and a Master’s degree in professional counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Missouri and she has experience working with children that have high behavioral health needs and are challenged with mental illness. Brittany is trained as a registered play therapist with additional certification in Autplay therapy specializing in therapeutic interventions for children on the autism spectrum. She is director certified by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to manage a facility of 199+ children. Brittany has worked as a director at several preschool centers and has experience operating both small and large facilities. She believes in offering high quality childcare at an affordable rate to families that are looking for a developmentally appropriate program.

Vanessa Horne - Center Director (Lake Saint Louis)

Vanessa Horne is the Center Director at Lullaby Inn located in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. Vanessa obtained her Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education through Missouri Baptist University. Vanessa began as the lead preschool teacher in the four and five year old classroom when the center first opened its doors. Vanessa is responsible for creating and implementing the pre-kindergarten curriculum at Lullaby Inn. She works in conjunction with parents as teachers through the public school system to ensure that the children are gaining the knowledge and skills required to be prepared for the kindergarten classroom. Vanessa is highly motivated to advance within the company and continue to work closely with the staff to implement a curriculum that meets the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development needs of all of our children.

Brianna Adkins - Center Director (Wentzville)

Brianna Adkins is the Center Director at Lullaby Inn located in Wentzville. Brianna is currently working toward completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration through Missouri Baptist University. Brianna began as the lead infant teacher at Lullaby Inn within the first months of the center opening. She quickly proved that she possessed the skills to manage others and take on more responsibility within the company. Brianna was promoted to the Assistant Director position and began utilizing her marketing skills to design ads and promote events for Lullaby Inn. Brianna is dedicated to her position and continues to focus on finding new ways to utilize her creativity to the benefit the company.

Janie Lane - Assistant Director (Wentzville)

Janie Lane is the Assistant Director at Lullaby Inn. She has her degree in Early Childhood Education and is certified in Project Construct. She has over 27 years of experience working in childcare and worked for several years in a classroom as a teacher. Janie's extensive experience make her well qualified for her position. She was very excited to obtain employment at Lullaby Inn and has been an integral part of the team in Wentzville. Janie's positive energy helps motivate children and staff members to always do their best. She is hopeful to advance within the company and plans to remain with Lullaby Inn for the duration of her career.

Lisa Brodzin - Center Director (Saint Ann)

Lisa Brodzin is the Center Director at Lullaby Inn located in Saint Ann, MO. She has over 18 years of experience working in childcare and is director certified by the Department of Health and Senior Services. Lisa attended Meramec Community College where she obtained her degree in Early Childhood education. She has extensive experience with working with children and is very focused on providing the best learning environment for them. Lisa's years of experience as a Center Director make her the perfect fit for Lullaby Inn. She hopes to remain with the company indefinitely and looks forward to providing the children with the best possible care.

Gabby Murphy - Assistant Director (Saint Ann)

Gabby Murphy is the Assistant Director at the Saint Ann location. She attended Florissant Valley Community College where she studied early childhood education. Gabby began working at Lullaby Inn when it first opened in April of 2015. She was quickly promoted to the Team Leader position and within one year she became the full time Assistant Director. Gabby's passion for the children and families runs parallel with the philosophy and mission at Lullaby Inn. She is dedicated to her position and strives to create a positive environment for the staff and children.

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