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Our Enrichment Activities

Since our beginning, Lullaby Inn has been setting itself apart for providing child care services in Saint Charles County and St. Louis County that are personalized and encourage our children to grow. To better meet the needs of our students and cultivate their love of learning and discovery, our learning center offers a wide range of enrichment activities. Read more below for more information about these activities.

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The MUSIC Program

We offer a MUSIC program that was created to help children develop their skills in the area of music. An instructor comes to the center on Mondays and teaches a program that allows children to explore and play with different instruments, as well as learn the notes and keys. The program teaches children rhythmic patterns and applies these patterns to singing and dancing. Lullaby Inn children learn about different composers and even write their own music. This is a wonderful program that is included in the tuition rate.

Yoga Class

We offer our children a yoga class on Wednesdays. Our instructor teaches yoga to all age groups beginning in the infant room through the preschool classroom. Yoga for kids offers many of the same benefits as an adult yoga practice with an added emphasis on having fun. Kid’s yoga offers many of the same health benefits as it does for adults including improvement of strength and flexibility, increased concentration and focus, increased self-esteem, and an awareness of the importance of the environment. Our yoga class is included in your weekly tuition rate.

Spanish and Sign Language

Our center incorporates Spanish and sign language into your child’s curriculum at a pace that is developmentally appropriate for each age group. Your child will learn the basics in the infant and toddler classroom and will continue to develop these skills as they move from room to room. Spanish and sign language are included in your tuition rate.

Gymnastics on Wheels

Lullaby Inn works in cooperation with Gymnastics on Wheels to offer a wonderful extracurricular program. This uniquely modified bus is specially designed with padded floors and child-size equipment that is specifically set up for the “theme of the week.” Activities are done in an encouraging environment and set to match the weekly theme. Each weekly session includes a 35-40 minute program consisting of warm-ups, gymnastic skills, mini health and fitness lesson called “Healthy Habits,” and a cool down phase. There is an additional fee to participate in Gymnastics on Wheels.

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Our center proudly meets the daycare and child care needs of families in Lake St. Louis, Saint Ann, and other areas in St. Louis County and St. Charles County. We would be happy to further explain our enrichment activities and how they can benefit your child.

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